Staying at Hi-Tech Hotels

Hi-tech Hotel

It seems businesses everywhere are jumping on the technology bandwagon. This is particularly the case since the advent of mobile devices. The numbers of technology savvy people is fast rising, with technology itself becoming progressively more mobile and entwined with our lives. In order to gain a competitive edge, businesses in a variety of sectors […]

Risky Behaviors that Lead to Indentity Theft

Identity Theft Reasons

Identity theft has been a serious concern among security professionals for the last several decades. Increased use in social media and Smartphones have led to additional risks. According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2010, half of all respondents said they did not protect themselves online. The 2012 Identity Fraud Report, released […]

Why IBM Predicts the End of the Internet Divide in 5 Years

IBM Predicts End of Internet Divide

Everybody seems amazed by looking at IBM’s five interesting predictions that it released recently. The five predictions are also known as 5 in 5 List, in which IBM predicts those emerging technologies of the future that will change our lives. At IBM’s annual conference, it predicted that the digital divide will not exist over the […]

Spam Becomes Worse, When You Unsubscribe!


Yes read it right! Spam becomes a lot worse when you try to unsubscribe from advertisement mails, because the spammers then get to know your email address is real. If you want to become a big spammer you will need email addresses: millions of them. In order to get them at the lowest cost, spammers […]

A Day Without the Internet (gasp!!)

Day- Without Internet

While we float through our day, smartphone in hand, when often tend to think about what technology can do for us and not so much about what it can’t.  For those of us that are connected while we work and play (computer, laptop, tablet) does it ever cross your mind what would happen if the […]

Is it possible to never leave home?[Infographic]

As our lives become more and more in touch with online world, is it possible to never leave home? This infographic describes how we procure everyday life, from education to work, earning online,socializing to paying bills and even groceries! Created by: College At Home