How to Password Protect PDF Files?

Apply Password to PDF

When we  send any delicate data through e-mail, like PDF files, you have to make sure that data is encrypted and only accessed by a the individual you want to. You can do this in Acrobat, but obviously you are here for a free trick. Here is how to apply password to PDF files:- Download […]

Generate Good Unhackable Passwords.


In the internet environments keeping a good password is one of the simplest things that can keep you from having your identity stolen, or being framed at work for actions that you did not do. Now to make a good password you will have to utilize the entire Keyboard, and all keys. Using special characters […]

500 Passwords your friends may be using.

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This poster has a list of top 500 common passwords that you should absolutely avoid using with your online and offline accounts. You can buy printed version of the password poster is available on Etsy.