Do You Really Own Your Own Content with the Cloud

Content in cloud, Who owns it?

In short, the answer is no. The internet and use of computers has changed the way we collect items such as music and books and other content. Not only what we buy, but anything we write on the internet, as soon as we press ‘submit’ it is no longer ours to keep and claim as […]

Why The Cloud Is A Whole Different Backup Animal

Cloud Backup Storage

The client server model of data backup and recovery is giving way to cloud computing and storage. As the speed and security of network connections becomes more reliable and available, the options in the cloud are increasing. Finding top online storage options are easy with just a little research. Here are just a few of the reasons […]

Why Cloud Computing is Just a Pie in the Sky?

Cloud Computing Sky Pie

Cloud Computing is now regarded as the next big stage in the internet development. It’s the internet “cloud” that’s going to enable businesses access a centralized hub in order to run software tools, storage and processing. But it still seems to be a Pie in the sky and the reasons for this belief are many. […]

A day later: iOS5 and iCloud – Update Problem

iOS5 iCloud Update Problem

This week saw the launch of iOS5, and its big new feature, the iCloud. This update has become available for owners of older iPhone and iPod models just a day before the launch of the new iPhone 4S on contract. There has been so much demand for iOS5 that Apple’s computers have been overloaded, causing […]