Guitar Hero 4-The World Tour-Everything Here Cheats, Codes, Tracks List, Reviews, Wallpapers

Guitar Hero 4 have been released! The newest Guitar Hero game and this WebPage will be following all the latest news on this major installment of Red Octane‘s addicting rhythm-genre masterpiece.

Here Are The Stuff You are Searching, I Have Collected For You only……. :-

1.Guitar hero 4 Songs List

  1. Official Site
  2. List of songs Guitar Hero World Tour-WikiPedia
  3. Songs List By

2. Guitar hero 4 Code and Cheats

  1. Cheats By
  2. Cheats By
  3. Xbox 360 Cheats By
  4. Video That shows Cheats

3. Guitar Hero: World Tour Review

  1. Review By
  2. Youtube Review
  3. Game Trailer Review

4. Guitar Hero 4 Forums

  1. Guitar Hero 4 On Tour Forum
  2. Official Forum

5. Wallpapers , Pics, Images

  1. Guitar Hero World Tour Unboxing Pictures
  2. Guitar Hero 4 Background
  3. Guitar Hero World Tour Videos and Wallpapers!
  4. Guitar Hero World Tour Pictures (Wii)

6. GH4 Videos

  1. Funny GH4 Ad
  2. Heidi Klum Strips Down To Shill Guitar Hero: World Tour
  3. GH4 Intro


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    I dig videogames but I must say Guitar Hero doesn’t make any sense to me. Why not learn the real thing instead? Sure it might take a bit more work but at least you’ll have learned a new skill that actually has some real life value. Rock on

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