Gadget Watch, Take a look at the coolest, most desirable gadgets to make their debut around the world

We are pleased to present this page showing you the gadgets built for fuure, and giving you the information you need to make one of your own!

We Take a look at the coolest, most desirable gadgets to make their debut around the world.

Dell Adamo

At first, Everybody thought it would a Mac Book Pro competitor, but it‚Äôs actually more comparable to the Air. It‚Äôll sell for $2000. Dell‚Äôs so-called luxury laptop is sleek, stylish, and skinny ‚Äî and it‚Äôs also capable; here‚Äôs a close look at this new competitor in the ultralight category.At the thickest point, Dell‚Äôs Adamo is thinner than any other laptop.¬†¬† […More…]

Elecom Scope Node

This morning Elecom Japan introduced their latest hi-end mouse, the Scope Node M-SN1UL. The the design was been completely redone to provide “pen and paper‚Äù like precision for pointing at things with your mouse. It has a laser sensor (1600dpi) placed where a pen point was located once in your hand‚Ķ Thanks to its off-center laser, Elecom claims a great level of precision. […More…]

Lenovo Pocket Yoga

The Lenovo’s new laptop Pocket Yoga, Cool! It is a smaller enough to fit into your pants pocket like a VAIO P . Featuring ultra-wide display, a leather-bound shell, touchscreen… Now you can only see these hot pics at lenovo flickr set, there is no word, no pricing, spec and when is available… […More…]

Apple iPod Shuffle

The world‚Äôs smallest music player also happens to be the world‚Äôs first talking one. Two things that make the iPod shuffle one amazing device. […More…]

iRiver E50

It seems like it was ages ago that we heard rumors of an aluminum iriver E100… then at the end of November, the E100 Season 2 appeared and the plastic was still in abundance. The E50 (supposedly pictured above) is, however, another tale entirely. The slim, brushed aluminum encased PMP — which will come in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB models — boasts a 1.8-inch color LCD, an FM tuner, and gets a rumored 52-hours of audio life. We don’t have full specs yet, but the players will apparently appear in January with the 4GB costing about ‚Ǩ69 (or about $90). […More…]

Nokia 5730

Well, hello there 5730 XpressMusic, so nice to finally meet you! This admittedly odd looking Nokia has been brought to our attention courtesy of Russia’s own Mobile-Review, and while we’re still trying to decide whether or not the QWERTY slide-out keyboard is a turn off or totally awesome (with its dot matrix-styled font), we figured it prudent to pass along the informa…….[…More…]

DellStudio One 19

Dell has a good reason to be excited with their recent unveiling of the Studio One 19. It is designed to look ‚Äúfunctional‚Äù in any room of the house, and it is made up aluminum, glass, and fabric with an 18.5 inch display with 1,366 x 768 aspect ratio…..[…More…]


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