Funny Pics Treat For Bloggers !

Humor can be another way to gain both attention and make life rejuvenating. Here are some pics depicting moments in a bloggers life, Enjoy !

Blog Comments

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A Very Brief History Of Web Publishing

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I have to post about this!

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Ha! I’m Totally Putting This On My Blog

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Warning Signs For Bloggers

The One Thing Internet Cant Ignoere


The Routine

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  1. You are really a funny guy. Made me laugh, nice post

  2. Yeah, it’s really interesting post :) And, it has funny pics for blogger :)

  3. It’s really funny picture in it :) Thanks a lot Sarvanshu :)

  4. Lol, those were few of the most hilarious cartoon strips about blogging that I ever saw. Thanks for posting dude

  5. every thing was cool.. and last picture is awesome…. which shows what we do….

  6. LOL really cool dude

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