Frankfurt – Germany’s telecommunications hub

Frankfurt - Germany's Telecoms Hub

If you’re looking for a prime location for your German data center, Frankfurt is streets ahead of the competition. Without any doubt, this south-west German city is the telecoms hub for the entire country – and much of western Europe to boot, forming the point where both national and international data networks come together. Frankfurt […]

Techie Fun Doze (7 pics).


Here are some funny pics related to tech-savvy people….. Tweets From Around The World     source:   A “Serious Chat”   via: urlybits   Basic Human Right source: joyoftech   Hacking: Real Life Vs. Perception source: unknown   Father’s Day Gift via: zuescho   Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct? Source: parkocka    A Clean Room Is A Sign […]

Top 6 Computer Use Failures !


These are some fail pics which will make you feel better the way you use Computers. 1.Vague Computer Error FAIL Who was the idiot that made that computer??   2.Colleagues Fail House Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero Jr., R-Norwalk, far right, speaks while colleagues play solitaire on their computers as the House convenes to vote on […]

Top Online Dating Fails.


These fail pics will make you feel better the way you flirt on INTERNET. Online Dating Fail I Don’t know.. some of them are pretty ugly  and the one in mid left is basically saying “what you looking at?!” Online Dating Fail Partner Fail The chicken still appears more attractive than the girl across from it…. Amish Online […]