30 Artistic Shopping Bags Designs!

Shopping Bags

If I get chance to get to use some of these, I can’t imagine the fun I will have! These are pure example of creativity.

Frankfurt – Germany’s telecommunications hub

Frankfurt - Germany's Telecoms Hub

If you’re looking for a prime location for your German data center, Frankfurt is streets ahead of the competition. Without any doubt, this south-west German city is the telecoms hub for the entire country – and much of western Europe to boot, forming the point where both national and international data networks come together. Frankfurt […]

How to cheat in Tests Using iPod nano?

Cheating using iPod

Warning: Cheating is stealing and lying, don;t be dishonest to yourself Here is a one simple and geeky way to cheat using an iPod nano 6g in Tests.

How facebook got invented?[funny]

How Facebook got invented?

You all must have seen the movie ‘The Social Network‘ which symbolized the creation of Facebook.com but you can’t miss this funny image telling the real invention story of Facebook !

Your Monotonous Life’s Reason is ?

Monotonous Life

It’s funny really. The reason for your monotonous life is INTERNET…Here is the proof:- Go and prepare a escape plan ! And be active socially but not through facebook  

Techie Fun Doze (7 pics).


Here are some funny pics related to tech-savvy people….. Tweets From Around The World     source: open.salon.com/blog/edstein   A “Serious Chat”   via: urlybits   Basic Human Right source: joyoftech   Hacking: Real Life Vs. Perception source: unknown   Father’s Day Gift via: zuescho   Why Did Dinosaurs Become Extinct? Source: parkocka    A Clean Room Is A Sign […]