Top 5 Tablets for the Kid in Your Life

Is your kid ready for a tablet? Are you prepared to put the benefits of tablet technology into his little hands? With the many offerings for today’s kids, the hardest part about this decision may not be if your child is ready, but rather what tablet to invest in! LeapPad 2 This tablet is created for kids […]

Flat Panel TV Buying Tips: Plasma or LCD?

Both plasma and LCD televisions have been out for a while, giving manufacturers enough time to work out the kinks, improve the product and lower the price point to make it affordable. Surely by this time, there is a clear winner in the next-generation TV wars — either plasma TV or LCD. Not so. Both […]

Get an iPad Mini installed in your Car Dashboard for $800

First ever iPad Mini install

Apple has already done allot with its iPad and then came in with its latest mini iPad which hasn’t spent much time in market. And as soon as this mini creature gadget had hit the market, many wallets were open to spend. Though it’s not still that old in the market but this functionality was definitely not […]

Windows Data Recovery Software: Stellar Phoenix

Windows Data Recovery

Files deleted by you and then emptied from Recycle Bin are often still present on the storage device(hard drive, USB drive, or memore card, etc.) and you recover these files by using a Time Machine or a affordable Data Recovery Software. Fortunately Stellar Information Systems Ltd. have very effective and easy solution i.e. Stellar Phoenix Windows […]

0800 Numbers Successfully Boost Results for Marketing Efforts

Toll Free Business Number

These toll free numbers are often overlooked, especially by small business owners and owners of home businesses. They generally do not realize the effectiveness of toll free numbers- especially when it comes to your business image, and customer relations. Many also are not interested in toll free numbers, as they believe that it makes their […]

Basic facts you need to know when buying HDMI cables

HDMI Cable

During the last decade, most multimedia devices have transferred to digital formats. From DVD players to the simple act of watching television, everything is available in the digital form these days. This also brought on the need for a standardized method of connecting such devices, and so the HDMI interface was created. HDMI stands for […]