Get Icons For Your Website From Icons-Land

icon land review

You know why publishing houses use standard style guides like The Chicago Manual of Style or The Associated Press Style Book? To make sure that all their publications are consistent with each other and come out as a single brand. Similarly if you own a website, you should prefer to use not only good icons […]

How Much Internet Speed Do I Need for My Home?

Getting the facts straight There is a lot of confusion about the difference between bandwidth and speed when it comes to the Internet. We should get that straight before we move on to just how much speed is needed to complete certain tasks and functions using the Internet Bandwidth vs. Speed Think of the Internet […]

Motorola Atrix HD from AT&T

Motorola atrix hd AT&T

The Motorola Atrix HD for AT&T is the latest big thing released by Motorola. Its new design is made with the excellent and extremely resistant materials so you can be sure to have a phone for a very long time. At the same time, however, its looks are very catchy and attractive and you can […]

Top 5 Tablets for the Kid in Your Life

Is your kid ready for a tablet? Are you prepared to put the benefits of tablet technology into his little hands? With the many offerings for today’s kids, the hardest part about this decision may not be if your child is ready, but rather what tablet to invest in! LeapPad 2 This tablet is created for kids […]

Flat Panel TV Buying Tips: Plasma or LCD?

Both plasma and LCD televisions have been out for a while, giving manufacturers enough time to work out the kinks, improve the product and lower the price point to make it affordable. Surely by this time, there is a clear winner in the next-generation TV wars — either plasma TV or LCD. Not so. Both […]

Get an iPad Mini installed in your Car Dashboard for $800

First ever iPad Mini install

Apple has already done allot with its iPad and then came in with its latest mini iPad which hasn’t spent much time in market. And as soon as this mini creature gadget had hit the market, many wallets were open to spend. Though it’s not still that old in the market but this functionality was definitely not […]