Generate Good Unhackable Passwords.


In the internet environments keeping a good password is one of the simplest things that can keep you from having your identity stolen, or being framed at work for actions that you did not do. Now to make a good password you will have to utilize the entire Keyboard, and all keys. Using special characters […]

What’s new in Gmail Interface?


Google recently started rolling out a new Gmail contacts interface that includes New sorting features, Keyboard shortcuts, Improved labels, and more. There are also a few new changes to the overall look of Gmail that makes it easier to quickly access your contacts and tasks list. Let’s have a look at the new features: New […]

Use Your Phone As a Desktop PC


Cross-platform apps such as Firefox Portable Edition, Portable, and Audacity Portable will give your phone full PC capabilities. Mobile computing has long been dominated by laptop computers, but powerful new smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 4 and the various Android phones–including the new Motorola Droid X–are rapidly becoming the portable computing devices of […]

Top 10 Twitter Tools for Tweeting on the Go


There are a lot of mobile Twitter tools out there, but some are better than others. To avoid frustrating bugs, keep bandwidth use low, and stay efficient, try one or more of these ten tools on your phone. Twitter Mobile Home: Any smartphone can use its mobile browser to take advantage of this hassle-free tool. […]

10 Free Web Tools to Help You Create Time Table


Calendars and Scheduling !!! These web tools allow you to keep track of every assignment, group meeting, test date, club activity, date night and nap time you have scheduled. Jotlet: Jotlet is a calendar with social and collaboration features that is great for college students who need to keep track of social engagements, daily to-do […]

Whats new in Firefox 4 Beta? Visual Tour


The next version of Firefox looks a lot like Google Chrome, with tabs moved above the navigation bar and a single button that replaces the menu bar. That doesn’t mean the two browsers look and feel the same. But more importantly to the average user, Firefox 4 offers a refreshed layout and appearance. Here’s a […]