HTC unveils a new family of One

HTC One Series

HTC has just unveiled four new smartphones under the family name of One at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The One X and the One S which were earlier codenamed as the HTC Endeavour/Edge and the HTC Ville have been launched along with the One V and also the One XL. The company previously offered […]

Top 5 Windows Phone Devices Coming in 2012

Windows Phone 2012

Microsoft’s Windows Phone is a relatively new platform, if compared with Android and iOS, but it has already managed to attract much attention thanks to the number of advantages it offers. Many geeks are sure that even though the most powerful smartphone at the moment (the Samsung Galaxy S2 in case you don’t know) runs […]

What to do When You Suspect Your Kids are Interacting with Strangers Online

Kids Safety Online Surfing

We all know the danger interacting with strangers on the internet poses to young children. You don’t want your kids telling outsiders things that are personal to them. But what if you’re suspicious something like that is already going on, and you don’t know how to confront them about it? It might be true that […]

Basic facts you need to know when buying HDMI cables

HDMI Cable

During the last decade, most multimedia devices have transferred to digital formats. From DVD players to the simple act of watching television, everything is available in the digital form these days. This also brought on the need for a standardized method of connecting such devices, and so the HDMI interface was created. HDMI stands for […]

The advantages and disadvantages of online data storage.

online data storage

When you’re considering taking a backup of your valuable files, photos, music or some difficult college assignments for safe keeping, there are many services that can help, or simply be of use to you as another place where you’ve placed a backup other than your hard disk or USB. Choosing the right online data storage […]

Promotional gifts, social media as cost-effective marketing tools

Promotional Gifts

It used to be expensive to market a business. Expensive newspaper ads, TV spots, direct mail brochures were the standard way a business promoted itself. It is very costly for businesses, however, to do traditional marketing, which sometimes totals thousands of dollars per campaign. But modern times have come to the rescue, as promotional gifts […]