Real-time Group Chat for twitter users.

Twitter Real-time Chats

Facebook users enjoying in-built chats on the social network, this is what twitter users misses. Twitter account owners have yet to be given a built-in chatting interface by the microblogging service network. The result is third-party apps trying to provide this feature. And they are really good! Now by signing up with a third party app and granting it […]

Top 8 Security Tips for Android Users

Android Security Tips

News of malware attacks on android devices recently caught fire with the outbreak of DroidDream; one of the most sophisticated forms of mobile viruses. Resources reveal that applications available on Google’s android market also seem to have virus bugs. These otherwise underestimated virus problems can sometimes cause serious information thefts. Malwares can gain access to […]

Nokia Hits 45 Percent of Second Generation Windows Phone Market Share

Nokia Windows Phone Market Share

Nokia has recently lunched its very first Windows based phone Smartphone, the Lumia 800 by Nokia in November, 2011, and this initial Windows phone has been launched in the United Sates, and it eventually appears that Nokia has been able to dominate the second generation Windows Phone devices. Nokia’s Success Nokia has been able to […]

Tips to Enable/Disable Auto-update for Android Apps

Enable/Disable Auto App update

The latest update of the Android Market app was seen last year. With this latest version, there were several features which were totally new, were added to it. The new features included Video and apps at the same place; it was more like using more than 1 app at the moment. Consequently, the update was […]

The best way to access your computer From Your Android Phone or Tablet.

Access Computer Smartphone

Android is what everyone needs these days! Most of your prolific work is an end-product of your tablet or your android phone. Android phone is without any doubt the best-selling Smartphone around these days. Even when you are away from your personal computer, you can still access your computer through the amazing compact android phone […]

Microsoft and VW Join Hands to Develop In-Car Server

Microsoft Volkswagen In-Car server

Microsoft and Volkswagen are joining hands in developing a large in-car media server that is capable of storing large files. These servers could very-well stop storing and carrying around Compact Discs in your car. These two “giants” have signed a contract, and together, they will develop a platform that is also capable of fast-file transfers. […]