Evil Online: Beyond the Virus

The Internet used to be such a nice place. In the beginning, everyone played nice. They shared information about great websites and worthwhile stuff. Slowly and surely, it began to turn ugly. And with the new ugliness, a whole slew of new words and new definitions of old words were created: Troll, spam, spyware, virus, […]

Saving Money on calling through Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing

Money is a vital component no matter which form of business is and the same goes with saving money too. Saving money in every possible manner helps the business in the long term. Your first reaction after listening that a company saves on their telephone calls would be that the company is miser. But if […]

Android Apps For Shoe Lovers

Shoe Android App

Shoe lovers will be elated to know that there are many apps that are available at the Android app store and they are all one better than the other. Most of these apps are free of cost and some can be downloaded at a fee that is minimal. These apps will bring to you the […]

Smart Moves with Smartphones

Business woman using smart phone

Not everyone in the world uses smartphones, most likely because not everyone realizes exactly what a smartphone can do for them. Never fear though! The moment smartphones emerged, tech-savvy heroes came flocking in smartphoneville. Never again will you need to wonder if you are using your smartphone to its fullest extent. Droiddog.com, for example, recently […]

Container Cargo Tracking Through iPhone

Track Container Cargo iPhone App

Container cargo tracking occurs when someone observes or watches the shipping of a cargo vessel (that which holds the possessions or goods) as it leaves from the place of origin to the cargo’s destination. Cargo containers are large boxes (often metal) that are placed in massive shipping vessels and shipped to an intended place. “Container […]

Conference Calling With Mobile Applications

Cisco 7936 IP Mobile Conference Station

Conference calling is becoming increasingly popular in the modern business world. It is a fantastic tool for easy communication between employees and external partners and clients and something that is beginning to take advantage of the ever-advancing world of technology. Conference call applications are now in abundance for smartphones and iPhones around the world, so […]

Google Maps 6.0 for Android featuring Indoor Mapping

Google Indoor Maps

Introduction Google Maps have been available for the Android smartphones since the beginning but recently, a new update have been launched and the new Google Maps 6.0 update is now available for the android operating system. This latest update has a major change along with a few minor improvements and this particular update is known […]