Top Messenger Apps for Android

Android Messenger Apps

Android is an ever evolving mobile / tablet OS, and it now powers most of the world’s smart phones and tablets. These days there are thousands of apps available for android. One such category of apps is messengers.There are lot of android messengers apps which provide IM application and help in remaining connected to your friends and […]

How to Password Protect PDF Files?

Apply Password to PDF

When we  send any delicate data through e-mail, like PDF files, you have to make sure that data is encrypted and only accessed by a the individual you want to. You can do this in Acrobat, but obviously you are here for a free trick. Here is how to apply password to PDF files:- Download […]

A Day Without the Internet (gasp!!)

Day- Without Internet

While we float through our day, smartphone in hand, when often tend to think about what technology can do for us and not so much about what it can’t.  For those of us that are connected while we work and play (computer, laptop, tablet) does it ever cross your mind what would happen if the […]

Galaxy Nexus-The Wait is Over, from Google and Samsung

Galaxy Nexus - Ice Cream Sandwich Android

So, the first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich phone has just been announced, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Tasty. Let’s start with the specifications: the Galaxy Nexus packs a dual-core 1.2 GHx Texus Instruments OMAP4460 processor. A mouthful indeed, but it basically means it’s as fast as the Galaxy S2. It comes equipped with 1GB of […]

The iMessenger vs Blackberry Messenger

iMessenger vs Blackberry Messenger

For years, Blackberry has been the standard go-to for business email and messaging, and mainly because of its Blackberry Messenger application.  However, Apple just recently decided to throw its own messenger app contender into the ring, and iMessenger will soon go head-to-head with Blackberry Messenger in a battle that should end all battles . . […]

What the Heck has Google just done? Your Pageranks on the Cry…

Google Pagerank Toolbar

Recently, there have been worries and concerns from webmasters, often laced with heavy panic, that the “accident” that occurred with Google pagerank toolbar plugins must have some formidable effects on their sites and could have caused a fall behind on the rankings of their sites. To be sincere, I felt the same about my lunarpages […]