Is it possible to never leave home?[Infographic]

As our lives become more and more in touch with online world, is it possible to never leave home? This infographic describes how we procure everyday life, from education to work, earning online,socializing to paying bills and even groceries! Created by: College At Home

Your Monotonous Life’s Reason is ?

Monotonous Life

It’s funny really. The reason for your monotonous life is INTERNET…Here is the proof:- Go and prepare a escape plan ! And be active socially but not through facebook  

How To Limit 3G Data Usage On Android & Save Money?

Limit Data Usage Android app

Are you facing problem of big bills(overage charges) from your mobile network due to data usage? Don’t worry here is the solution. The solution aims to help smartphone users reduce and manage their data usage. The app is Onavo Lite for Android tracks data consumption and provides users with tips based on their monthly data usage patterns. The first […]