How to Measure distance and height of an object using Android Phone?

Smart Measure Checklist

Say you want to measure height of a Tall Tower, there are several techniques you can use. You will need measuring tape, a protractor and some scotch tape.  Hehehehe Ohhh sorry I forgot you are here for a easy DIY(Do-it-yourself). So you will just need a android phone and Smart Measure – rangefinder. This android app measures […]

How to Find IP Address of Android SmartPhone?


You may need your android phone’s IP address for creating a media center remote, or wireless file server, there are a number of cellphone and computer applications that need your smartphone’s IP address. There are two kinds of IP Addresses. A Internal  and external IP address. Internal IP address is Ip which is assigned by the router from […]

Taste the Android Ice Cream Sandwich [Sneak Leak]


Yea there is a new Dish in the android menu! Ice Cream Sandwich, The screenshot and some features have been leaked. Which I found on AndroidPolice and RootzWiki. Both sites say these shots are from authentic source and they are pretty trust-able.  These come from a Nexus S running a build of Ice Cream Sandwich. ICS is not 100% functional , so […]

Top 5 Craziest Apps for the iPhone or Android


If you’re sick of all the business apps, web tools, and the general glut of useful items that saturate the world of smartphone applications, look no further. Like the old saying goes, there’s an app for everything, and there really is. There’s also an app for nothing, if nothing is what you would particularly like […]

Top Contacts Management Apps for Android Phones.


Are you facing this problem? Constantly deleting same copies of numbers on your Android phone by manually searching each number and deleting it? The reason for duplicate contacts is that you’re synced with Gmail , facebook and other services. You can remove these duplicate contacts from your android phone using a wide variety of apps available with a flick of a […]