Top 5 iPhone 5 Predictions.


It’s beginning to look a lot like… the Iphone 5 season! It’s that time of year that all of us Appleholics have been waiting for. As we patiently await the arrival of our new family member (the Iphone 5), we can only wonder what they will be like. How big will they be? What colour? […]

Computex 2011: Top 12 Buzz Makers in Taiwan Tech Show

Asus Padfone

Computex 2011 started in Taiwan May 31 Tuesday and ends on June 4th, gadget  makers and suppliers presenting their latest creations to Techie Crowd ! Here are latest happenings: Asus Padfone It’s a smartphone, it’s a tablet, it’s a Padfone? Asus announced on Monday a new smartphone-tablet combo that features an Android handset with a […]