Create Websites From Your iPhone For Free.

Create Instant Websites From Your iPhone app

The ease of creating websites has evolved from knowing to code web languages, to simply using blog platforms- Blogger, Tumblr.  Now we have Zapd- a iPhone based app that lets us create website in 60 seconds from iPhone. It lets you customize beautiful, seamless, and mobile-friendly websites from your iPhone. Zapd takes one step further […]

6 Ways How I Made My WordPress blog Load Faster?

Speed up Wordpress Blog

When you are visiting a web page or a blog post, you will like it to be loaded quicker and faster, and if this is how you think even your readers are going to expect the same. After all, even they are human being and will have the same human tendency like you and me. […]

Learn Magic Tricks Through Video Tutorial


Magicians have to go through a lot of training before they can trick you. If you are interested in becoming a magic tricks performer, then you need to get trained by a magician or create tricks of your own. One good place to start is INTERNET, where you can find video tutorials on how to […]

3 Major Challenges of Broadband Internet

Since the invention of the internet, there have been various means of connecting to the internet and all these means that have been since then, none of them have equaled with the broadband in level. Broadband internet connection has been used to perform a lot of tasks that the other means of internet connection that […]