Gloves For Your Touch Screen Phones or Tablets


Pick up a pair of these touchscreen-compatible gloves and put your tech to work even in the cold. These gloves will keep your hands warm and let you use your touchscreen devices at the same time. North Face ETIP Gloves Even popular glove purveyors like North Face are getting into the touchscreen glove game. These […]

Learn from Mistakes of People Online.


Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself. It’s great to learn from your mistakes, but it’s even better when you can learn from the mistakes of others.  In today’s fast paced world, finding a buddy ear for our problems is difficult, a shoulder to cry on […]

How to Have Group Video Conferencing Online with Friends.


Do you want to have an online group video conferencing session with your friends or family members? Most desktop VoIP clients or Video chat sites(Omegle, ChatRoullete) support usually just 2 people have video conferences. For having video conference call over 2 people , you will need to use these two FREE sites. These sites are […]

Top Online Dating Fails.


These fail pics will make you feel better the way you flirt on INTERNET. Online Dating Fail I Don’t know.. some of them are pretty ugly  and the one in mid left is basically saying “what you looking at?!” Online Dating Fail Partner Fail The chicken still appears more attractive than the girl across from it…. Amish Online […]

Gadgets For Weirdos From CES 2011


These weird or you can say cool gadgets  does not follow trends or a subculture. A true ‘weirdo’ will go for these gadgets.The person buying these gadgets does not actually conform to a stereotype and shouldn’t be labled. Here are some of the weirdest gadgets from CES 2011 that we picked for TechPaparazzi readers. I […]

Autobot Bike – Uno III Electric


The Uno electric bike is a unique beast: an electric scooter that looks like a mini-motorcycle and folds up into a Segway-like scooter balanced on two wheels, providing easy motorcycle shipping and storage. The front wheel just retracts for the scooter’s “self-balancing mode”, which allows it to maneuver better in tight spaces. Will it be […]