Web Browsers From 90’s.


Twenty years ago this month (December) , Tim Berners-Lee created and tested the very first Web browser, WorldWideWeb. To commemorate this anniversary, let’s take a look back through the main Web browser launched from 1990 to 2008 . WorldWideWeb (1990) This is the world’s first Web browser. The earliest versions ran only on NeXTSTEP. ViolaWWW […]

9 Tablets To Launch in 2011


The new year is just around the corner, and major tech companies have promised us some innovative new Tablets PC to arrive in coming months. So here are some of the most anticipated mobile phones of 2011–check them out. 1.Sprint 4G Tablet Sprint’s president of business markets, Paget Alves, recently told Forbes that the carrier […]

Common Sense Guidelines For Facebook Users.

Ultimately, protecting your information in social networking is a matter of common sense; if you wouldn’t tell something to a stranger in the street, don’t make it publicly visible online. If you find that something you’re not comfortable sharing is showing up in your game, check your Facebook privacy settings and use these “common sense” […]

What is 4G and HSPA+ Service?


The major wireless carriers are currently upgrading their 3G networks to 3.5G (HSPA+) or 4G (LTE or WiMax). Whether a specific smartphone supports these new network technologies (and their faster speeds) should be stated in the device’s specifications. Sprint and Verizon are in the process of rolling out new 4G networks, capable of delivering speeds […]

Customize Facebook Profile Page Easily.


Since yesterday, the Facebook profile art of Alexandre Oudin has inspired a lot of creativity with the new design of Facebook. The new layout can accommodate six images thus giving you room to be a little bit more creative with the design. How to customize new facebook profile? For those who want to personalize their […]

Samsung Nexus S Review


The Samsung Nexus S is the first phone to ship with Android 2.3 (aka “Gingerbread”). Manufactured by Samsung, the Nexus S sports the company’s Super AMOLED display technology and a 1GHz Hummingbird processor. Nexus S looks a whole lot like the Samsung Galaxy line of Android phones. There are a few differences– The display is […]

How To Delete Digital Footprint?

Digital Footprint

What is a Digital Footprint? A Digital Footprint is the data trace or trail left by someone activity in a digital environment. Digital Footprints are the capture in an electronic fashion of memories and moments and are built from the interaction with TV, mobile phone, World Wide Web, Internet, mobile web and other digital devices […]