Smartphones Brands Comparison:Reliability and Service Survey.


Apple’s iPhone and Verizon’s wireless service are the favorites of respondents in this year’s survey. PCWorld polled its knowledgeable readers to see which smartphone companies are providing the best tech support and service. The results of their latest exclusive survey of 79,000 tech aficionados reveal some welcome improvements and some familiar shortcomings. The two charts […]

Skateboard Powered By A V8 Engine.


We have featured a few different super cars here at Tech Paparazzi, but this might be something different-worlds most powerful skateboard and it is built by V8 Supercars in Australia. V8 Supercars, an Australian car racing organization, has built a oversized skateboard powered by a 630-horsepower V8 engine. Check out this video of the world’s […]

10 Solar-Powered Gadgets for Green Tech Lovers

Green Logitech solar keyboard

Here are 10 of the coolest, weirdest, and most practical eco-friendly solar powered gizmos. “Every Day Is Earth Day” So we don’t need any special reason to use these gadgets. 1. Logitech Solar Keyboard A solar-powered keyboard might sound counterintuitive, since you’re most likely to use it indoors, but this peripheral is sensitive enough to […]

Have you Downloaded Your Facebook Profile?


Facebook has provided you a feature called “Download your Information” which means you can download your whole facebook profile as a backup-including your photos and videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, your friend list and other content you have shared on your profile. Within this zip file you will have access to […]

[Walk-through] Facebook’s New Messaging System


Facebook  has just finished sharing its new messaging system with the world. Check out the pics we’ve put together below for a walk-through or sneak peak: 1.Facebook Messages Splash Screen The first thing you’ll see is that there’s a new version of Facebook Messages. Clicking on the pop-up takes you to this splash page, which […]

It’s not e-mail ,It’s your Social inbox


This post will help you learn how the concept of “a person and a message” drove Facebook’s development of the new Messages system .Facebook has launched facebook messaging system. CEO Mark Zuckberg announce modern messaging system called “Facebook Messaging”. Many top technology blogger did say that the facebook is planning to launch a new messaging […]