Record Breaking Suing in Tech Industry by Paul Allen

Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sues Apple, Google, Facebook, AOL, eBay, Netflix, Yahoo!, Staples, OfficeMax, Office Depot, and YouTube over patents, charging them with infringing patents filed more than a decade ago. Microsoft‘s co-founder Paul Allen has filed suit against nine companies over patent violations. Through his current firm, Interval Licensing LLC, Allen is suing Apple, […]

Dog Trainer Turned Into Youtube Celebrity[Interview]


Recently I interviewed Fred Hassen,CEO/Owner/Founder of Sit Means Sit, the largest U.S.-based dog training company, has become the #1 YouTube star of the dog training world. I asked few questions to him related to his success and personal life. Since YouTube launched, we’ve all frequented the site to be entertained by amateur videographers. Many of […]

iPhone Owners get more SEX


The iPhone will get your laid more than the Android or Blackberry. iPhone owners have the most number of sexual partners in their life-time, a study by dating site OkCupid revealed. Average number of sexual partners in a life time, by smartphone user type.

What’s new in Gmail Interface?


Google recently started rolling out a new Gmail contacts interface that includes New sorting features, Keyboard shortcuts, Improved labels, and more. There are also a few new changes to the overall look of Gmail that makes it easier to quickly access your contacts and tasks list. Let’s have a look at the new features: New […]

Tech Word of the Day “e-tranny “


This time I have a new and a must read series for all Techies out there-Techtionary . In this series I’ll cover all the words with their meanings and some cool, whacky facts. So you can improve you vocabulary 😉 . Today’s word is “e-tranny” Means:A male who poses as a female on the internet, […]

11 Upcoming iPad Rivals-Android Tablets


The Android tablets are coming! Actually, some are already here, but a wider selection of Apple iPad-like slates will have arrived by early next year. 1. Cisco Cius The iPad has a decidedly consumer focus, but the Cisco Cius is all business. Pricing isn’t set, but the Cius should cost less than $1000 and ship […]

Top Android Cell Phones


Android phones come in a variety of forms and flavors. Here are the best smartphones running Google’s innovative mobile platform. 1. HTC EVO 4G The speedy HTC EVO 4G packs in some powerful specs and a variety of multimedia features into a stylish, minimalist design, but not everybody will get to enjoy one of its […]