USB Keys by LaCie


LaCie’s inventive USB flash drives–from left to right, the WhizKey, the iamaKey, and the CooKey–impressed the judges enough to win a Gold Award. These sturdy metal keys hold from 4GB to 32GB of data; their prices start at $20. In a world increasingly concerned with speed and portability, it was only natural that a company […]

Blogger Interview: Marko Drapić From

Recently I interviewed Marko Drapić from ThisBlogRules and asked few questions to him related to his blogging life and personal life. Marko is one of the top funny blogger around in the blogging arena. After seeing same things again and again circulating on web, it’s refreshing to find one site dedicated to surfing for things […]

Top 10 Internet failss….


These fail pics will make you feel better the way you use INTERNET. 1. I didn’t know those were the choices 2. Who Says Romance is Dead? 3. Yahoo Answer Fail 4. Wireless Network Fail 5. Captcha fail 6. Yahoo Answers Fail 7. Google Suggest Fail 8. Sexy Chat Win 9. Error message fail 10. DNS Fail All these precious […]

One reason facebook sucks.


->Facebook now has 500 million active users, the company said on Wednesday. ->Then why it limits us to 5000 friends? Facebook caps the number of friends you can have at 5000. A little research revealed that officially, the policy is designed to make sure people befriend real people and that 5000 is considered a reasonable […]

7 Ways Backup is Changing

File Backup Sticky Notes

While there’s no doubt that computers and digital files are very handy, they’re certainly not infallible. What happens if you’re hard drive crashes, or thieves steal your laptop. Backup has been evolving steadily for over 60 years. And just when we think we’ve solved every problem, new technology comes along to present us with new […]

Live James Bond SPY lifestyle with these.


Introducing real-life gadgets that trounce some of 007’s most outrageous toys. Spies are everywhere these days, With so many secret agents–both real and fictional–in the public consciousness these days, thought a short list of high-tech spy gear was in order. 1. Remote Monitoring What do these household items have in common? They’re bugged! The […]

Top 5 Photo Collage Softwares


Flaunt your photos in style or spruce up your scrapbook with these collage creation tools. 1. Wondershare Photo Collage Studio Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is the fun and easy photo collage software. It lets you turn photos into an impressive creation. With the built-in various templates, you can create digital scrapbooks, greeting cards and calendars […]