iPhone 4 Screen Cracked? Here’s How to Replace it[Video Tutorial]

iPhone Smashed To Hell

iPhone 4 owners have found a excess amount of potential and real-world problems, from a faulty antennas and Bluetooth headset connectivity issues to screen discolorations and scratches. As Ryan Salerno, a Gizmodo writer, discovered this morning, glass is breakable. I don’t know why Apple decide to use glass for the back of the iPhone 4? […]

Top 10 iTunes Unseen Tricks For Fans


Movies, music, podcasts, pictures…your PC may take up less space in your house than your photo albums and your DVD collection do, but that doesn’t guarantee that its contents can’t sink over time into total disarray. For many people, PCs have become the hub for storing family photos, home videos, and music libraries–and without the […]

Motorola Droid X Review Biggest Screen Smart Phone

Motorola Droid x Gadget

The follow-up to Motorola’s wildly popular Droid on Verizon, the Droid X ($200 with a two-year service contract from Verizon; available July 15) is one of the hottest phones to debut this summer. Its specs outshine those on the other Droid phones available on the network, but it falters a bit when it comes to […]

How To Cancel Vuvuzelas Noise From Fifa 2010 Online Broadcast


If you’re watching the game on your computer like I am, just download and run the program below to filter your live World Cup broadcast in real-time (ESPN3, BBC, etc), choosing which level of de-vuvuzela’ing filtering you find most suitable. What is Vuvuzelas? The vuvuzela, a long horn popularly blown by spectators at football matches […]

New Xbox 360 Slim Landing This Fall


A big question answered… Q: Will you sell a $199 version of the new Xbox 360? A: We will offer a $199 Xbox 360 this fall. Kotaku claims Microsoft will offer a $199 version of its new piano-black, slim-style Xbox 360 this fall. That’s based on a marketing Q&A document that reportedly answers the question […]