Dream Ferrari of Every Sports Car Enthusiast …..


German tuners Gemballa, known for their work with Porsche cars, may have taken a stab at the Ferrari Enzo. The Gemballa MIG-U1 is either a limited edition or a privately-commissioned one-off model that missed its planned debut at the Dubai Motor Show.

Suicide Now from Your Online life…

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Tired of your Social Network?

Liberate yourself and your ‘friends’ with a web2.0 suicide! The Web2.0 Suicide Machine lets you effectively delete all your energy
sucking social-networking profiles, kill your fake virtual friends, and completely do away with your web2.0 alterego.

Your Veins Will Be CURRENCY, So Save Them For FUTURE…..

finger-vein cropped large

One Japanese company has created a new biometrics system that identifies people by scanning their veins. They believe results are harder to falsify than iris or fingerprint scanning.

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This Is the First time we are organizing a Giveaway.This Giveaway is For celebrating our first Anniversary (Almost 1 Year ;-) ) And spreading some Christmas Love. TechPaparazzi.com was launched On 07-Jan-09.

I decided to come up with this contest as a way of thanking my readers. Think of it as my Christmas gift to you guys for all your support.

Top 5 Riskiest Celebrities Of 2009


In its ‘Top Cyber Threats Of 2009′ report, the security firm said the King of Pop’s death in June this year sparked a deluge of spam and malware campaigns as cybercriminals attempted to exploit his fans.

Ratings guide to the best online casinos.


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