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Sacch Ka Saamna is the Indian version of the popular American reality show The Moment of Truth, which itself is adapted from the Colombian reality game show Nada m√°s que la verdad. It premiered on STAR Plus on July 15, 2009 at 11.00 PM and airs from Monday through Friday each week. Television and film actor Rajeev Khandelwal is the host of the show.

Most Popular TV Torrents

Millions of television viewers are now using file-sharing services to access free and unauthorised copies of programmes, research has revealed.
US drama Heroes was the most popular illegal download this year, according to research firm Big Champagne.About 55 million people downloaded the show, while 51 million chose to access Lost, the second most popular show. Visits to leading “torrent” sites, which index video and music files, have also nearly doubled in the last year.

Amazon Kindle’s rival Sony e-reader


Sony has launched a wireless e-reader which allows users to download electronic books on the go.
Analysts said Sony’s Reader Daily Edition is a direct challenge to Amazon’s best-selling Kindle device.
The $399 (£250) touch-screen device is able to store up to 1,000 novels and can download books over a high-speed mobile network.
It also has an application that can be used to “borrow” books from local libraries for 21 days.

Put An End To Frustrating Printer Problems

These days it is easy to outsource your work as well as work-related problems. This can be easily accomplished by a phone call or a few mouse clicks. However, outsourcing a job which you can do yourself costs you money and makes you dependent on others. Moreover, you remain largely ignorant about the cause of the problem and its solution. Therefore, you must weigh the costs and benefits of outsourcing before you go ahead and delegate your problem to someone else.

Youtube Like Site For Your Kids

Safe, funny, screened videos for kids with all their favorite characters. Each video on Kideos has been screened by the site Video Advisory Council before it makes it onto our site. The goal is to empower parents to feel comfortable allowing their child to spend time on Kideos, while also making sure children have a thoroughly entertaining experience.