Electronic Cigarette: The Government vs. The Electronic Cigarette

Why the electronic cigarette splits opinion There’s no denying that sales of the electronic cigarette are increasing. The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA) claim the industry is worth between £5 – £10 million in 2011 with growth of over 50% in the UK up to 2014. It may be best to first talk about governments […]

Free or Paid Directory Submission: Which Offers the Most Advantage?

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In choosing blog directories to submit to, there is the choice between the free and paid directory submission. Free listing means that there is no charge for the review or listing of the site. Paid submission will require a one-time or recurring fee for reviewing or listing the submitted link to a blog directory. What […]

Technology a Key Business Support


Modern technology can put a smile on everyone’s face. The support that is available to business these days has transformed the structure of every company. It has become much easier to focus on growth and that has been the priority which CEOs everywhere have been concentrating on. Recovery from the worst of the recession has […]

How to Enjoy Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies Worldwide

Streaming Movies

Our TV viewing and movie habits have changed drastically in the past few years. Do you remember the good old days of the Betamax and VHS? How about going to the movie house months after the movie has been released? Recording TV shows manually so that you can watch them again later? Source These were […]

Earning some extra money out of Second Hand Goods

Have you ever given it a thought that you might earn some good amount out of all the unused products that you have in your house! When the economy plays a spoilt sport then you have to make sure that your future is secure and you don’t run into bad waters. The products that are […]

A Look At Some Of The Biggest Arduino Myths


Whilst a large number of people are massive fans of the Arduino platform, some newcomers (and even some old-hacks) to the platform are being taken in by some fairly large myths which surround the platform. Arduino requires you to learn a new language This myth is not helped due to the fact that on the […]

An In-Depth Review of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

formatted memory card recovery software

With the release of new recovery software programs every now and then, it’s become a mountainous task for customers to get hold of the best one in market. While the EaseUS data recovery wizard professional doesn’t boast of being the best software around, but it certainly has an edge over others due to its easy-to-use […]

5 Indie Games Best Played on Mobile Devices

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These days, the devices available to people to play their favorite video games come in different sizes and operating systems. They have become more advanced with high quality audio and video and control features. Indie games have also become very popular with many of them attaining successs even with little budget. Kickstarter indie games, for […]

How Much has Instagram Technology Affected Human Life?

Instagram Selfie Competition

Going through Instagram photos of users can give us a clue of its effects on human life both for the people who share these photos and the people viewing them. People seem to be engaged in fun photo challenges as they try to outdo each other with photos that speak more than words can ever say. […]

4 User-friendly Online Comic-Creation Tools


Comics are fun to read but they may not be easy to create. In the olden days, only comic strip authors were able to draw this reading material that attracts readers. Thanks to the internet and digital technology, people who love to draw and make their own comics can now do so without spending a […]