3 Interesting Gadgets on Kickstarter right now


Crowdfunding has been and always will be a good option to cater new and fresh ideas to help online gadget newbies or veterans be introduced to the tech. world. This allows both the inventor and the potential market understand the idea.  A platform that guarantees unique, yet helpful invention that will surely tickle your interest […]

The Professional’s Guide to PGP Encryption

Professional’s Guide to PGP Encryption

Encryption is the new insurance for professionals. It’s a defence mechanism that professionals would rather “have and not need, than need and not have”. Ever since Edward Snowden exposed the activities of the NSA in 2013, there’s been a flurry of activity by numerous companies to enable more secure data transfer and make encryption a […]

Staying secure with open access: a guide

Optimize your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and other Devices

Open access technology has numerous benefits, such as being able to share information and data with the world, but it’s not without its share of difficulties. By inviting the world in to share your files and knowledge, you also warrant unwanted intrusions and data theft. This is something professional businesses, such as e-commerce websites, have […]

Google’s next Nexus 8 tablet

Google Nexus 8

There are always rumours surrounding the next releases when it comes to technology, specifically tablets and phones. We all want the next new tablet and can’t wait to see what benefits the new hardware will bring us. Over the last few weeks the discussion has been focused on the next tablet from Google, will it […]

Optimize your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and other Devices

Optimize your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and other Devices

A content rich site that loads instantly is not the mantra of success for a booming business since gone are the days when the PC was only used. These days a number of mobile devices are dominating the gadget market like smartphones, tablets and iPads and if your website does not sync well with these […]

Social Media Influence on Gadget Choices

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With the great influence social media is supposed to be wielding in the online world, many are in the opinion that its influence extends over gadget choices. Some social media news appear to support this thinking. To what extent is it happening in the real world? We can answer this by looking into the factors […]

Great Free Apps for Finding Healthy Food

apps for healthy eating

If you are using a smart phone or tablet (who isn’t anyway), chances are you have a lot of apps installed in your favorite device. But while you may have all the apps you need, you can still add a very important one or several of them to help you choose the right food and […]

The Latest Phone Technology


In this modern era of rapidly developing technologies it seems like there are new programs and apps being released on a daily basis, particularly in the world of mobile communications. These lightning developments help us communicate more effectively and allow us to use our phones to conduct business and do a variety of other jobs […]

Electronic Cigarette: The Government vs. The Electronic Cigarette

Why the electronic cigarette splits opinion There’s no denying that sales of the electronic cigarette are increasing. The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association (ECCA) claim the industry is worth between £5 – £10 million in 2011 with growth of over 50% in the UK up to 2014. It may be best to first talk about governments […]

Free or Paid Directory Submission: Which Offers the Most Advantage?

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In choosing blog directories to submit to, there is the choice between the free and paid directory submission. Free listing means that there is no charge for the review or listing of the site. Paid submission will require a one-time or recurring fee for reviewing or listing the submitted link to a blog directory. What […]