How HostGator coupons can help you?

Are you looking forward to buy hosting service? If you have not made your mind yet about which company to opt for, then let me suggest you the name of HostGator. There are many reasons to opt for this, like: Affordable Hosting Packages, Impressive Features, Uptime, Speed, Customer Care etc. Well, I’m not here to […]

Overview of security products

Security software product overview

Whether you’re looking at improving the security of your personal or professional computers, it can be tricky to understand why a security suite is necessary when most modern computer packages already include components such as an antivirus and a firewall. However, these built-in features aren’t as effective as third-party vendors in preventing outside programmes from […]

Top Illegal Acts When Using a Smartphone

texting while driving

It’s true that smartphones are very useful to people and organizations around the world today. It’s an all-in-one device that many people can’t live without which is understandable as the smartphone can be used to perform various tasks. Apart from making voice calls and sending and receiving text messages, it can also take photos, send […]

The Professional’s Guide to PGP Encryption

Professional’s Guide to PGP Encryption

Encryption is the new insurance for professionals. It’s a defence mechanism that professionals would rather “have and not need, than need and not have”. Ever since Edward Snowden exposed the activities of the NSA in 2013, there’s been a flurry of activity by numerous companies to enable more secure data transfer and make encryption a […]

Cool Health-Tech Ideas from Kickstarter


A well-known platform that is gaining its name in the web right now is called crowdfunding. This type of website support and help introduce innovative ideas. In this instance initial ideas of health related technology. In the present day, health and technology are inseparable combination and because of this various projects are created, leading to […]

Crowdfunding: Preparation is the Key to Success

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When Crowdfunding was first introduced in 2013, the people from all over the globe started to gain hope of having a chance to execute business ideas. Opportunities started to open doors for aspiring business owners, but mostly paved its way for young professionals. The trend allowed fresh grads to work hand in hand with the […]

3 Interesting Gadgets on Kickstarter right now


Crowdfunding has been and always will be a good option to cater new and fresh ideas. This allows both the inventor and the potential market understand the project.  A platform that guarantees unique, yet helpful invention that will surely tickle your interest is Kickstarter. The following are top three projects we recommend you to check […]

Staying secure with open access: a guide

Optimize your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and other Devices

Open access technology has numerous benefits, such as being able to share information and data with the world, but it’s not without its share of difficulties. By inviting the world in to share your files and knowledge, you also warrant unwanted intrusions and data theft. This is something professional businesses, such as e-commerce websites, have […]

Google’s next Nexus 8 tablet

Google Nexus 8

There are always rumours surrounding the next releases when it comes to technology, specifically tablets and phones. We all want the next new tablet and can’t wait to see what benefits the new hardware will bring us. Over the last few weeks the discussion has been focused on the next tablet from Google, will it […]

Optimize your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and other Devices

Optimize your Site for Smartphones, Tablets and other Devices

A content rich site that loads instantly is not the mantra of success for a booming business since gone are the days when the PC was only used. These days a number of mobile devices are dominating the gadget market like smartphones, tablets and iPads and if your website does not sync well with these […]